Putting treasury management on autopilot

Easily put your idle cash to work keeping it safe, liquid, and earning up to 5.40%* in interest income.

Earn interest income on idle cash from all your bank accounts

Maximize the potential of your business cash. Instead of letting your funds sit idle in the bank, they could be generating additional interest income for your business. In the current economic climate, your unutilized cash has the potential to earn up to 5.4% in interest revenue. Wondering how to strategically allocate these positions? We're here to help.

Always have enough cash on hand with automatic balance management

Argentum uses real-time data and advanced algorithms to create multiple portfolio options for your business. With Argentum, you will always have enough cash on hand to manage your expenses, while unused cash is earning additional interest income. Automatic transfers kick in when your operating balance hits certain thresholds so you always make your upcoming payments on time.

Easily manage your portfolio

Our platform provides a seamless and efficient way to oversee and optimize your treasury portfolio. Gain real-time visibility into your financial holdings, to make informed decisions on fund allocation, risk management, and liquidity enhancement. Our innovative solutions empower businesses to navigate the complexities of treasury management with precision.

Partner with your bank to manage your treasury efforts all in one hub

We are not a bank. And we don't act like one either. Our goal is to optimize your existing banking experience. No new accounts or fund transfers are necessary; we collaborate directly with your bank to design a customized plan ensuring your cash remains fully insured, easily accessible, and generates additional interest income.

Discover the power of Argentum

Keep Your Cash Safe with Treasury bills

T-bills offer a low-risk and easily accessible way to preserve capital and earn a modest return over a short investment horizon. Treasury bills (T-bills) are short-term debt securities issued by the US government with maturities typically ranging from a few days to one year. They are backed by the full faith and credit of the government and are therefore considered low risk. In addition to safety, T-bills provide interest set by the Federal Reserve.

Strategic Treasury Management Practices

Empower your business with strategic treasury management, a comprehensive solution designed to ensure liquidity, minimize financial risks, and boost operational efficiency; our cutting-edge solutions not only automate processes and reduce errors but also provide invaluable insights for informed decision-making, thereby fostering a foundation of stability that paves the way for sustained long-term growth.

Bringing Big Treasury to Small and Medium Businesses

We offer small businesses with user-friendly platforms that simplify complex financial tasks. Through automation and intuitive interfaces, we empower smaller enterprises to efficiently manage cash flow, reduce risks, and make informed financial decisions without the need for extensive financial expertise. This accessibility promotes financial inclusivity, enabling small businesses to benefit from sophisticated treasury management services previously accessible only to larger corporations.

Not Another Fintech

We understand the challenge of navigating yes another financial tool for businesses, and that's why we work directly with you and your bank, eliminating the need for yet another screen and streamlining your financial interactions for simplicity and efficiency. Picture your bank account as a pot of business cash that is kept safe and is being fully optimized. Get key insights, see all of your cash flows and understand your financial position where you actually keep your cash: the bank.

Enhance Customer Relationships

In today's competitive banking landscape, providing additional value to business clients is imperative for banks to differentiate themselves and retain customers. As businesses increasingly seek comprehensive financial solutions, banks must go beyond traditional services by offering tailored advisory services, advanced digital tools, and innovative financial products to meet evolving needs. By delivering enhanced value, banks can foster stronger relationships, improve client satisfaction, and position themselves as strategic financial partners.

Improve Internal Operational Efficiency

Argentum's innovative solutions revolutionize treasury management operations by automating and centralizing cumbersome manual processes, diminishing reliance on human intervention, and significantly reducing the risk of errors. This strategic shift not only improves internal processes but also enables banks to dedicate more attention to providing enhanced and personalized services to their customers, ultimately delivering greater value in today's dynamic and competitive financial landscape.

Attract SMBs to Fuel Core Growth

More than ever, SMBs are actively searching for treasury management services. However, they are often overlooked by larger banks and turn to expensive consultants, outsourced CFOs, or expensive fintechs. Offering Argentum's comprehensive treasury management platform not only will attract low-cost-of- funds profiles, it will also be drive higher retention and LTV. Even more, Argentum will equip your treasury teams and relationship managers with unique customer insights to deliver even more value to their clients.

Treasury Management Clients Generate More Value

The average deposit balance of a treasury management customer is about $900,000, or 31% higher than a non-treasury management commercial customer. That level of deposits and associated TM fees equates to an approximate 63% risk-adjusted ROE, or significantly above the current 17% target and the 16% commercial average. With Argentum, banks can seamlessly provide treasury services to their clients without the need to hire large teams and educate their customers.

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How do I sign up?

Signing up is quick and easy! Just answer a few questions about your business and we'll reach out with a full treasury plan.

Is investing corporate cash safe?

Absolutely. We prioritize safety by diversifying investments across low-risk options like government bonds and high-grade corporate securities. Our approach includes thorough risk assessments and a robust investment policy, ensuring that your corporate cash is secure and well-protected from market volatility.

Why should my business use Argentum?

Historically, small and medium-sized businesses lacked the attention they deserve in the realm of treasury management. Traditionally reserved for large corporations, these solutions were intricate and labor-intensive. However, with Argentum, we simplify the process using technology and advanced algorithms, ensuring that even smaller businesses can benefit from efficient and manageable treasury management.

Do I need to transfer funds to Argentum?


Where is my money going?

Your money is staying with you, your bank, and low-risk securities.

Can I integrate accounting software with Argentum  software?

Absolutely, we're designed to work seamlessly with your accounting systems to ensure more accurate suggestions.

What kind of customer support does Argentum offer?

Argentum provides comprehensive customer support. We have a dedicated support team ready to assist you and eager to hear your feedback. You can reach out via email. We are here to address any questions or concerns you may have.

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